[…] “Why aren’t the gods doing anything?” Remember two things. The gods don’t owe us anything. That’s not why we worship. We worship because they’re gods. This is their universe, not ours. What they choose they choose and it’s not ours to know why.”

[…] We cannot see the universe. We are in the darkness of a trench, a deep cut, dark water heavier than earth, presences lit by our own blood, little biolumes, heroic and pathetic Promethei too afraid or weak to steal fire but able still to glow. Gods are among us and they care nothing and are nothing like us. This is how we are brave: we worship them anyway.

China Miéville, Kraken, 2010

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3 risposte a “Newlovecraftianism

  1. Now, here I think we’re just stupid 🙂

  2. Kirbmarc

    Worship Cthluhu. He’s hardcore and gets the shit done. Sure, he may ask for a human sacrifice or two, but you can’t get a more powerful God.

    He’d kick Jesus ass in a heartbeat.

  3. #awisemanoncesaid demi-gods are worshipped with wine and flowers. Real gods require blood.

    I’m just sayin… >:)


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