I’m two, just for a week

I look at the ice, vast swathes of ice, never ending white. An iceberg floats in a huge dark bay. Glaciers are jetting out to the ocean. I’ve never seen Greenland so beautiful like in the last flight. I close my eyes for a moment, clouds are back again. It’s gone. Back to my movies, trying to stay awake.

I departed with the sun, I land 12 hours later with the sun. The heat burns the skin and the light blinds me momentarily and it was October. Uber is almost here. I wait diligently like I always do. An hour to the motel and then I need to kill the time before going to bed. It’s morning back in Europe. Early morning. Too early to call my family.

And so it starts my timetraveller’s experience. My body is here in US, my mind still there in two places, Italy and UK. My metabolism and my internal clock too. My body is just a shell, a means of transportation through space and time. I’m between three time zones at the same time. My morning for my mind and my night for my body. At the same time. It’s truly an experience to be on the other side of the globe for work. You have to pretend – or to force really – your body and mind that everything is right. No time to relax, just switch your clock as quickly as you can. You gain a day when you go and you lose a day when you are back. Life is cruel, it outbalances all the gains with losses. Body and mind become truly disassociated and out of sync. You do understand that we humans are dual, made of two things, and one doesn’t necessarily follow the other. Your mind though, can be anywhere. I’m travelling through time by staying in the same space. Truly amazing. This is how a god feels like. Everywhere at the same time without moving. A week has passed, my mind is realigning with my body but not quite. It’s time to go back. The plane is my time machine. I want to zone out now. Plane glue my mind back to my body, please.


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